UN: Daesh still poses a threat and plans attacks around the world

ООН: ДАИШ все еще представляет угрозу и планирует атаки в разных странах мира

UN Under-Secretary-General for Counter-Terrorism Vladimir Voronkov. UN: Daesh still poses a threat and plans attacks around the world Peace and Security

Despite significant progress made in the fight against Daesh (ISIS), this terrorist organization continues to pose a serious threat to international peace and security, especially in conflict zones. This was stated by the head of the UN Counter-Terrorism Office Vladimir Voronkov, speaking on Thursday at the Security Council.

Progress in the fight against terrorism

Progress in the fight against Daesh has led to a significant reduction in the group’s operational capabilities in some regions, Voronkov noted. “The long delay in announcing a new leader following the assassination of his predecessor in early 2023 is assessed as a reflection of internal problems and difficulties in ensuring the security of the new leader,” the UN spokesman added. In addition, according to him, Daesh’s financial reserves are currently estimated at 10-25 million dollars, and just a few years ago they amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Activities in various countries

In countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt and Mozambique, terrorist activity by Daesh affiliates has decreased. In Afghanistan, efforts by de facto authorities have reportedly impacted the ability of groups affiliated with the organization to carry out terrorist attacks within the country.

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Nevertheless, the threat remains and Daesh still has plans on committing terrorist attacks in different countries of the world. Since November, Daesh has stepped up its attacks in Iraq and Syria. The threat level has been raised in several European countries, and attacks in the Philippines have become more frequent.

The situation in Africa

The situation in Africa has worsened West Africa and the Sahel, where the activities of local terrorists are exacerbating ethnic and regional confrontations. Voronkov warned that if this trend continues, a large area of ​​instability could emerge across Mali.

“Countering the threat of terrorism in Africa remains a priority for the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism,” – he noted.


The UN representative again called on countries to repatriate their citizens who still remain in camps in Syria and proposed the use of multidimensional approaches to combat terrorism. “Strength in itself is not the answer,” the UN representative emphasized. “A comprehensive response is needed, firmly grounded in political strategies enshrined in international law and based on a whole-of-government and community-based approach.”


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