Gastronomy Day: why you need to choose local products?

День гастрономии: почему нужно делать выбор в пользу местных продуктов?

By choosing local and seasonal ingredients, restaurants support local producers and reduce their carbon footprint. Gastronomy Day: why you need to choose local products? Climate and environment

How culture and food are connected? This question is studied by gastronomy. Although formally it is considered a science, it is also sometimes called the “art of food.” The UN dedicated a special day to it – Sustainable Gastronomy Day. It is celebrated on June 18.

What is sustainable gastronomy?

Sustainability is primarily about caring for natural resources. Sustainability means that gastronomy, agriculture or fishing operate in a way that does not harm the environment and public health. 

In order to achieve sustainability , it is necessary to consider where ingredients come from, how food crops are grown and how they come to market. 

Why is gastronomy dedicated to “the day” »?

День гастрономии: почему нужно делать выбор в пользу местных продуктов?

Eating local food that has been produced sustainably makes a difference to people, the environment and the economy. It helps develop regions and farms and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

By 2050, the world will be home to over 9 billion people. Yet a third of all food produced is lost or spoiled. Today, we use our oceans, forests and soils largely unsustainably.

To raise awareness of this issue, UN countries have decided to celebrate Sustainable Gastronomy Day. Manufacturers need to be more mindful of how they use natural resources, and consumers need to be more conscious about their food choices.

Why Should I Care?

Issues related to food concern absolutely everyone. For most of us, it is important that food is tasty, fresh and of high quality. Many people monitor their weight and follow the advice of nutritionists. For some, the environmental aspects of food production are important, for others – the latest haute cuisine trends and restaurant innovations.

By caring for local production and markets, we can help preserve culinary traditions, protect the environment and your own health. For example, by choosing local and seasonal produce, you help local businesses – restaurants and hotels – change the food they buy and support local farmers and fishermen. 

Moreover, you maintain your health, also because seasonal foods are richer in vitamins and minerals. And finally, by buying local, you reduce your carbon footprint.

День гастрономии: почему нужно делать выбор в пользу местных продуктов?

What can I do?

Support local producers: visit local food markets, buy from small producers or family farmers.

When you travel, try local foods – be it fish you’ve never heard of or fruit that you haven’t seen before. Eating local foods will help you better understand the local culture while supporting the local economy.

Keep your food tradition alive by trying to cook with local ingredients.

Try not to throw away food and use it rationally. The easiest ways to save natural resources are to think through your shopping list in advance, not to buy too much and, if possible, recycle food waste.

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