St. John’s conference: Delegates demand more climate finance

Конференция в Сент-Джонсе: делегаты потребовали увеличить климатическое финансирование

A view of Jolly Beach in Antigua and Barbuda, site of the Fourth International Conference on Small Island Developing States. St. John’s conference: Delegates demand more climate finance Climate and Environment

Current measures to combat climate change fall short of what world leaders agreed to at the UN Climate Forum (COP28) in Dubai last year. This was stated by Palau President Surangel Whipps while speaking at an interactive session of the Fourth International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) on Wednesday. The forum takes place in St. John’s, the capital of the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

In 2009, COP15 set a goal of mobilizing $100 billion a year to combat climate change in developing countries by 2020. Palau’s leader told delegates today that this is not happening and a “movement from rhetoric to decisive action” is needed. Whipps added that increasing support for small island developing states is vital not only for their survival, but also for addressing global climate challenges.

“We need credible and accountable international mechanisms for financing the fight against climate change that will bring real results,” the head of Palau concluded. 

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On the results of the implementation of agreements reached in Dubai, especially regarding the transition from fossil fuels and financing for measures to improve resilience and adaptation , said representatives of many delegations. Jennifer Morgan, Germany’s special envoy for climate change, stressed the need to ensure that green investments are distributed equitably, as currently a disproportionate amount of funds – 90 percent – go to developed countries and China. In addition, the potential contribution of small island developing states to phasing out deforestation by 2030 was recognized, which is expected to be pursued at the upcoming UN Climate Conference in Baku.

Naadir Hassan, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Trade of Seychelles, expressed concern about the discrepancy between rhetoric and real action on the ground. Despite promises of significant funding for climate adaptation measures, many SIDS, including Seychelles, have yet to see progress in this area. Hassan stressed the urgency of action, especially given the harsh impacts of climate change on coastal infrastructure and the projected increase in costs of adaptation and mitigation of the climate crisis.


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