UN helps evacuate residents of Kharkov region

ООН помогает эвакуировать жителей Харьковской области

Destruction in Borodyanka, Ukraine. UN helps evacuate residents of Kharkov region Peace and Security

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, due to the rapid deterioration of the security situation in the Kharkov region, local authorities, with the support of the UN and humanitarian organizations, evacuated almost six thousand people from areas bordering the Russian Federation.

In recent days, the Kharkov region has experienced several waves of shelling, which led to the death and injury of civilians, including children, as well as massive destruction of civilian infrastructure. UN humanitarian partners, together with national rescue and municipal services, are helping to transport the population, distributing food, water, hygiene kits and other essential items to the affected people. They help people arrange housing, and also provide them with medical and psychological support. north of the country have also come under attack in recent days. Local authorities and humanitarian partners on the ground reported that the strikes damaged homes and civilian infrastructure.  

April alone UN Monitoring Mission on Human Rights in Ukraine has documented more than 700 civilian casualties and 47 attacks on energy infrastructure throughout Ukraine.


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