UN Secretary General strongly condemns Iran’s attack on Israel

Генсек ООН решительно осудил нападение Ирана на Израиль

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at a briefing in New York. Photo from the archive UN Secretary General strongly condemns Iran’s attack on Israel Peace and Security

UN Chief Antonio Guterres strongly condemned the “serious escalation caused by the large-scale attack on Israel by the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“I call for an immediate cessation of these hostilities,” the UN Secretary General said in a statement. António Guterres expressed deep concern about the “very real danger of a destructive escalation throughout the region.”

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He called on all parties to exercise maximum restraint to avoid any actions that could lead to a major military confrontation on several fronts in the Middle East.

“I have repeatedly emphasized that neither the region nor the world can afford another war,” he concluded. statement by the head of the UN.

On Saturday evening, according to the press and official Israeli sources, Iran launched “dozens” of drones in the direction of Israel.


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