Gaza: UN team records widespread destruction in Khan Yunis

Газа: команда ООН зафиксировала широкомасштабные разрушения в Хан-Юнисе

The streets of Khan Yunis are littered with unexploded ordnance. Gaza: UN team records widespread destruction in Khan Yunis Peace and Security

A UN aid team conducted an assessment mission yesterday in Khan Yunis following the withdrawal of Israeli troops from that part of Gaza. At the same time, widespread destruction was recorded: most of the buildings that they could see were damaged, and all asphalt roads were destroyed.

As announced at a briefing at the New York headquarters of the United Nations, the group inspected a UN warehouse, four medical centers and eight schools. All but one of these buildings showed significant damage.

Streets and public places in Khan Yunis are littered with unexploded ordnance, posing a serious danger to civilians, especially children. The team found unexploded 450-kilogram bombs lying at intersections and inside schools.

Residents who returned to the area, as well as those who remained there during the fighting, said to the UN team about the catastrophic shortage of food and water, as well as the lack of vital medical services as a result of the destruction of two hospitals.

On Tuesday, the UN Resident Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian Territory Jamie McGoldrick. He visited an UNRWA school where thousands of Palestinians have taken refuge. According to him, the local population urgently needs additional supplies of food, water, medicine and sanitation items.

The day before, McGoldrick represented the international humanitarian community at a meeting with representatives of the Southern Command of the Israel Defense Forces , as well as COGAT, the Israeli body responsible for delivering aid to Gaza. McGoldrick presented a list of everything the UN and the organization’s humanitarian partners need to deliver aid safely, efficiently and at scale throughout Gaza.

The UN Children’s Fund said on Tuesday that one UNICEF vehicles were fired at with live ammunition at the entrance to northern Gaza. This incident was brought to the attention of Israeli authorities.


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