The war has exacerbated difficulties for Ukraine’s Roma communities

Война усугубила трудности для цыганских общин Украины

About 12 million Roma live in Europe. The war has exacerbated difficulties for Ukraine’s Roma communities Human rights

Gypsies (Roma) are an important part of Ukrainian society and Ukraine’s rich multicultural historical heritage. This is stated in a joint statement published by the UN in Ukraine and the International Roma Coordination Group on International Roma Day, which is celebrated on April 8.

“On this day, we would like to express solidarity and support Roma communities in the fight against stereotypes and deep-rooted discrimination, which is often exacerbated by multiple forms of prejudice,” the statement said. “We also want to pay tribute to Roma leaders who promote Roma identity and protect Roma rights. Across Ukraine, Roma activists, most often women, are helping to deliver humanitarian aid to all those affected by the war and making a significant contribution to social cohesion.”

Unfortunately, they note The authors of the statement, Roma continue to face stigma, hate speech and prejudice, which not only undermines their dignity and rights, but also seriously impedes their access to basic services, including health, education, documentation, housing, education and utilities. Young Roma women are particularly vulnerable and face an increased risk of violence and abuse. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exacerbated these pre-existing problems and difficulties faced by Roma communities.

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Roma civil society, especially women’s organizations , the statement said, is committed to working with local and regional authorities as they embark on ambitious plans to quickly rebuild the country and find long-term solutions to ensure people can return to normalcy and recover from the devastation caused by war. The International Roma Coordination Group and the United Nations in Ukraine are committed to promoting such initiatives and efforts that are consistent with European and international human rights standards.


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