UN: situation in Haiti is extremely unstable, violence is increasing

ООН: ситуация в Гаити крайне нестабильная, насилие нарастает

Thousands of people have fled their homes as violence in Haiti’s capital escalates. UN: situation in Haiti is extremely unstable, violence is increasing Peace and Security

The Security Council held a closed meeting on Haiti on Wednesday to discuss escalating violence linked to banditry. The briefing for Security Council members was held by the head of the UN mission in Haiti, Maria Isabel Salvador.

The situation in Port-au-Prince remains highly volatile, attacks by armed criminal groups continue, and all flights in and out of the country remain cancelled.

“The Secretary-General reiterates the need for urgent action, including funding for a multinational security support mission,” UN chief spokesman Stephane Dujarric said at a briefing in New York.

“The Secretary-General once again calls on the Government of Haiti and all stakeholders in the country to put aside differences and follow a common path to restore the country’s democratic institutions,” he added.

Humanitarian situation 

UN aid workers say thousands of civilians are suffering in one way or another due to violence in the capital Port -au-Prince and beyond. Many are forced to leave their homes. Most of the tens of thousands of displaced people are women and children.

“Displaced families are traumatized. Food, health services, water and hygiene products, and psychological support are among the most pressing needs of the civilian population in Port-au-Prince,” Dujarric said.

UN humanitarian agencies and their partners continue to provide all possible assistance to the population, but armed violence seriously undermines any operations.

The violence has also damaged civilian infrastructure, including schools and hospitals. Dujarric said Haiti’s health system is on the verge of collapse. Port-au-Prince’s main public hospital has closed due to unsafe conditions and staff’s inability to get to work.

Hospitals treating wounded civilians are overwhelmed. There is an urgent need for blood products in the country.

Doctors Without Borders announced yesterday that it has succeeded in opening another health center in Carrefour, a district of Port-au-Prince.


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