UN envoy calls on North Korea to stop missile launches and return to dialogue

Представитель ООН призвал КНДР прекратить запуски ракет и вернуться к диалогу

Pyongyang, capital of the DPRK. (Archive) UN envoy calls on North Korea to stop missile launches and return to dialogue Peace and Security

By launching ballistic missile technology, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea not only violates UN Security Council resolutions, but also poses a serious threat to aviation and maritime transport. This was stated on Friday by Assistant to the UN Chief for Asia Khaled Khiari, speaking at the UN Security Council. 

May 27 North Korea carried out what it called the “launch of the Mulligen-1-1 reconnaissance satellite aboard a new type of launch vehicle” from the Sohae Satellite Launch Center. However, the launch attempt was unsuccessful – the rocket exploded at the initial stage of flight.

The development of the military reconnaissance satellite is part of North Korea’s five-year military development plan unveiled in January 2021. Since 2022, the country has increased its missile launch activities, including 100 launches using ballistic missile technology, in violation of relevant Security Council resolutions. This year alone, North Korea launched two intermediate-range ballistic missiles, in January and April.

Violation of Security Council Resolutions

Before the last launch, the DPRK sent a notification to the Japanese Coast Guard, but not to the relevant UN agencies – the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) or the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

“The DPRK’s unannounced launches pose a serious threat to international civil aviation and maritime shipping,” Hiyari said.

Assistant Chief The UN stressed the need for the country to comply with its international obligations.

“Sovereign states have the right to benefit from peaceful space activities,” he noted.

“However, Security Council resolutions expressly prohibit the DPRK from carrying out any launch using ballistic missile technology,” Hiyari added. May 28, UN Secretary-General strongly condemned the launch attempt , reiterating the call for the DPRK to return to dialogue to achieve sustainable peace and complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Create space for dialogue

Hiyari stressed the urgent need to take practical measures to reduce tensions and create space for diplomatic contacts, including by restoring communication channels, especially between military structures.&nbsp ;

“At this particularly difficult moment, it is critical to ensure global peace and security that we reduce rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula,” he said.

UN is ready to help

In addition to solving security problems, Hiyari noted that The United Nations and its partners stand ready to help the DPRK meet the basic needs of the people.

With the increase in international travel to and from the DPRK, he called on the authorities to facilitate full return to the country representatives of the international community, including the Humanitarian Coordinator and the UN Country Team.

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