UN Coordinator in Ukraine: “I am inspired by the example of Ukrainian women”

Координатор ООН в Украине: «Меня вдохновляет пример украинских женщин»

Denise Brown (right) in Nikolaev in southern Ukraine. UN Coordinator in Ukraine: “I am inspired by the example of Ukrainian women” Women

In her message on the occasion of International Women’s Day, UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Denise Brown spoke about how Ukrainian women and their determination have inspired her from her very first day in the country.

“On each of my many trips to Ukraine, whether to a war-torn community near the front lines or to a Western city where people have found refuge from the horrors of the Russian invasion, I see and hear stories of determination, hope and solidarity and about strong Ukrainian women,” Brown said.

According to her, women in Ukraine do not give up and work tirelessly for the future of their country.

The UN representative said that Ukrainian women who spare no effort to overcome enormous difficulties to help others evoke her admiration.

Brown also noted that women form the backbone of the humanitarian response system and work around the clock to help their communities. She cited the example of a woman doctor in Seversk, Donetsk region, who decided to stay there despite the shelling because otherwise people would have nowhere to turn for medical help.

“I met so many mothers who had to learn to support their children who could no longer go to school, while at the same time caring for the sick, disabled and elderly “, Brown continued.

“In Kramatorsk, Kharkov and Uzhgorod, I met so many energetic and inspiring women who lead organizations and movements that advocate for the rights of the people of Ukraine and strive to ensure that no one is left behind, especially the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities , the Roma people or the LGBTQIA+ community,” she said.

According to her, Ukrainian women today are making efforts to solve important problems, and at the same time they themselves are faced with higher unemployment rates, gender pay gaps, increased risk of gender-based violence and barriers to accessing essential services.

“Women play an important role both at the decision-making table and and on the front lines,” the Coordinator emphasized, adding that the UN is ready to support the leading role of women in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

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Speaking at Friday at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Assistant Secretary-General Khaled Khiari also paid tribute to Ukrainian women and girls who, despite the horrors of war, continue to work for the good of their country.

According to him, the well-being of Ukrainian women is at risk due to limited access to services and economic opportunities, as well as the risk of sexual and gender-based violence.

He added that The UN will work with Ukrainian activists and women leaders to promote their equal participation in decision-making and work to rebuild the country and establish peace.


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