The UN chief called for striving “for peace in all its dimensions”

Глава ООН призвал стремиться «к миру во всех его измерениях»

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres briefs journalists at United Nations headquarters in New York. The UN chief called for striving “for peace in all its dimensions” UN

During a briefing at United Nations headquarters on Thursday, the UN Secretary-General said the top priority of the “long and detailed” agenda he laid out the day before was “the need to achieve peace in all its dimensions.” .

Peace is the connecting link of everything on Earth, António Guterres emphasized, but very often the prospect of achieving it remains illusory.

“We are faced with growing conflicts and geopolitical differences when it comes to ensuring international security,” the UN chief said. “We see growing polarization within communities, and growing inequality in matters of justice. In terms of peace with nature, we are seeing an increase in harmful emissions and rising global temperatures. We are experiencing the moment of truth, but we see around us the destruction of trust in institutions and political leaders.”

Existential challenges

International The community, says António Guterres, is now facing a number of existential challenges, including the nuclear threat, the imminence of climate catastrophe and the danger posed by uncontrolled artificial intelligence.

“We are not united and organized enough to respond effectively to these challenges,” the UN chief said. “There is a lot that can be done: ending conflict, effectively addressing the threats posed by artificial intelligence, taking action to protect the climate, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, but this will require serious dialogue between developed and developing countries, between rich and developing economies, between the North and South, East and West. with our time, but we also have principles that guide us and which we must maintain in all situations – respect for the Charter of the United Nations and for international law.”

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Two “hottest” conflicts: Ukraine and Gaza

“It is especially important to find solutions to two hot conflicts that have deep global consequences,” the Secretary General said. “This is Ukraine and Gaza.”

This month marks two years since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, António Guterres recalled. In his opinion, it is very important to continue to work towards establishing a just and lasting peace between these countries in accordance with the UN Charter and international law.

Denial of humanitarian access means denial of humanitarian assistance to civilians

The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, the UN chief noted: “Our humanitarian operations continue to face denials of access, delays, obstacles and numerous dangers. One of our convoys was damaged by Israeli naval gunfire earlier this week. Only 10 of the 61 planned humanitarian aid convoys for the northern sector reached their destination in January.” . This is the refusal to give food and water to desperate populations, medicine and fuel – to hospitals and their patients.

Offensive on Rafah

“I am particularly concerned about reports that the Israeli military intends to focus on Rafah,” said the Secretary General. – Half of Gaza’s population is now crowded into Rafah. These people have nowhere to go. They have no homes and they have no hope. They live in overcrowded temporary shelters, in unsanitary conditions, without running water, electricity or sufficient food.”

All this, according to Antonio Guterres, underscores the need for full compliance with international humanitarian rights, including the protection of civilians and ensuring that the basic needs of civilians are met.

“Repeated bloody wars, decades of tension and occupation have failed to provide either a state for the Palestinians or security for the Israelis, – summed up the Secretary General. “In the Middle East and everywhere else on Earth, we need peace in every sense, and we cannot afford to wait.”


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