Main events in the UN and the world for the week

Главные события в ООН и мире за неделю

Work on the restoration of a cultural center in Lviv, Ukraine. Main events in the UN and the world for the week UN

Main events: conservation of biodiversity, humanitarian work in Syria, offensive on Rafah, damage to the culture of Ukraine, restoration of Ukraine, January temperature record, death of Alexei Navalny, Munich conference.

One in five migratory wildlife species is at risk of extinction. This is evidenced by the results of the first ever study prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals. The publication was timed to coincide with the beginning of the conference, which opened on Monday in Samarkand. >>>

The Syrian government has informed the UN of its agreement to use two crossings on the border with Turkey for humanitarian aid deliveries. In January, Syria extended permission for humanitarian organizations to use another crossing. >>>

The UN Secretary-General expressed hope that a full-scale offensive on Rafah is possible will be avoided. A possible military operation would bring humanitarian efforts in the sector to the brink, said UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths. >>>

The effects of climate change and food shortages are having a negative impact on the security situation, creating fertile ground for conflict. This was stated by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, speaking at the Security Council at a meeting dedicated to the interconnectedness of these problems. >>>

Experts from the UN, UNESCO, the World Bank and the European Commission estimated the total cost of damage 3.5 billion dollars in damages to Ukraine’s cultural and tourism industries in the two years since the start of the full-scale invasion. Over the year, this amount increased by 40 percent. >>>

Representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that a full-scale invasion by the Israeli military in Rafah could lead to an “unimaginable” humanitarian catastrophe. The WHO has also strongly rejected allegations of years of collusion with non-medical organizations to exploit Gaza’s hospitals and the space beneath them. >>>

The restoration of Ukraine will require $486 billion over the next 10 years. This conclusion was reached by representatives of the Ukrainian government, the UN, the World Bank and the European Commission, who conducted a joint assessment of the damage caused by the full-scale Russian invasion. >>>

Last year’s warming trend continues: January 2024 recognized the warmest first month of the calendar on record. This is the eighth record warm month in a row. >>>

The UN Human Rights Office expressed its shock at the news of the death of the Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny and called for an impartial investigation into the circumstances of his death. The department has previously repeatedly expressed concern about Navalny’s persecution by the authorities. >>>

The war sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago has no place in Europe of the 21st century, said António Guterres at the Munich Conference. According to him, the international community must strengthen the global architecture of peace and security to counter modern threats and challenges. >>>


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