International Women’s Day: UN chief calls for ‘investing in women’

Международный женский день: глава ООН призвал «инвестировать в женщин»

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. International Women’s Day: UN chief calls for ‘investing in women’ Women

Women and girls are making great strides—breaking down barriers, dismantling stereotypes, and driving progress toward a more just and equal world. This is stated in the video message of the UN Secretary-General dedicated to International Women’s Day.

“At the same time, they face enormous obstacles,” Antonio Guterres continued. “Billions of women and girls face marginalization, injustice and discrimination, and the ongoing epidemic of violence against women is a disgrace to all humanity.”

According to the UN chief, today’s world -still reflect “the power relations that have existed for thousands of years,” in which men dominate. Progress is under threat as women’s rights are attacked with fury.

“At the current pace of development, legal equality will only be achieved in three hundred years,” said António Guterres. “We must move much faster.”

The UN Secretary-General called for support for women and girls fighting for their rights and for accelerating progress. He said this year’s International Women’s Day theme, “Investing in Women,” is a reminder that ending patriarchy requires money.

Antoniu Guterres spoke of the need to support women’s organizations that are “on the front lines”; invest in programs to end violence against women and promote women’s inclusion in the workforce in areas such as the economy, digital technology, peacebuilding and climate change.

“We also need to increase the number of women leaders in business, finance, central banks and finance ministries,” the UN chief said. – Women’s rights are a proven path to a just, peaceful and prosperous society. This is a benefit for all of us.”


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