Guterres: Humanity will not survive the continuation of Oppenheimer

Гутерриш: человечество не переживет продолжения «Оппенгеймера»

Demonstration in support of the ban on nuclear weapons. Guterres: Humanity will not survive the continuation of Oppenheimer Peace and Security

The United States and Russia must return to the negotiating table to fully implement the New START Treaty and reach a new agreement. This was stated by UN chief Antonio Guterres on Monday at a meeting of the UN Security Council dedicated to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament.

Under no circumstances

The Secretary-General stressed the need to resume dialogue on these issues . “Nuclear-weapon states must resume working together to develop transparency and confidence-building measures to prevent any use of nuclear weapons,” the UN chief said.

He called for a reduction in arsenals and declared that threats to use weapons of mass destruction are unacceptable. He also stressed that the international community needs a “first use” agreement: states with nuclear weapons must agree that none of them will use them first.

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“In fact, no one should use it under any circumstances” , said Guterres.

“Nuclear weapon states must confirm a moratorium on nuclear testing. This means a commitment to avoid any action that could undermine the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, the entry into force of which must be a priority,” he added.

Responsibility lies with everyone

Responsibility also extends to those states that do not possess nuclear weapons. The UN chief called on them not only to fulfill their own non-proliferation obligations, but also to support efforts aimed at nuclear disarmament.

“Help us strengthen the global disarmament architecture, including non-proliferation treaties nuclear weapons and the prohibition of nuclear weapons,” said the Secretary General.

Nuclear weapons are the most destructive weapons that can destroy all life on Earth, he recalled.

“An accidental launch is a matter of one mistake, one miscalculation, one rash act. And in the end, all humanity will pay for this,” said Guterres.

We will not survive the sequel to “Oppenheimer”

The UN chief mentioned the Hollywood film “Oppenheimer,” which told millions of people about the “harsh reality” of a nuclear disaster.

“Humanity will not be able to survive the continuation of Oppenheimer,” said the Secretary General.

He also told Security Council members that they could “look beyond today’s divisions” and “declare that living with the existential threat of nuclear weapons is unacceptable.” Let us recall that the five permanent members of the Security Council are nuclear powers: the USA, Russia, China, France and the UK.


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