Gaza: Palestinian detainees held in inhumane conditions and subjected to violence

Газа: задержанные палестинцы содержатся в негуманных условиях и подвергаются насилию

A mosque in Gaza City is in ruins. Gaza: Palestinian detainees held in inhumane conditions and subjected to violence Peace and Security

The UN and partner agencies have expressed concern over Israeli authorities’ “inhumane” conditions of detention of Palestinians suspected of being members of militant groups in Gaza. Some prisoners reportedly had to have their limbs amputated “due to being in shackles for so long.”

The report from the Global Protection Cluster, which brings together UN agencies and other international and non-governmental organizations, contains evidence from “medical and whistleblowers” ​​that wounded Palestinian detainees held in a field hospital with “shackled hands and feet and blindfolded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” 

Hostages in Gaza

In addition, as of May 19, 128 of the 253 people captured during the Hamas attacks in southern Israel on October 7 still remain in Gaza, the report’s authors said. They stressed that hostage-taking is “a serious violation of the Geneva Conventions and a war crime.”

More than 35 hostages are presumed dead, while the survivors  nbsp;probably are in “terrifying conditions.” In particular, those released from captivity testify to numerous cases of sexual violence. 

Palestinian prisoners

According to evidence, detainees are “fed through a straw,” and in several cases, detainees have had their limbs amputated due to prolonged shackling. Formerly, the UN Office of Human Rights (OHCHR ) and independent human rights activists have already warned about alleged ill-treatment of detainees. The Israeli military has denied the claims. At least 27 Gazan prisoners are believed to have died while in custody. including at the Sde Teiman base in the Israeli Negev desert. In addition, at least four other detainees died in Israeli Prison Service facilities either due to alleged beatings, or due to lack of medical care. 

Harsh conditions

According to the report, in  Israeli prisons  and in  military institutions Palestinians are being held in extremely harsh conditions in overcrowded facilities, in  in some cases – constantly blindfolded and in handcuffs, without access to a toilet and sufficient food and water. Women and children also&nbsp ;are being held during “mass detentions” carried out by the Israel Defense Forces, the authors of the report claim, while boys over the age of 14 are typically kept together with older men. Many families do not know about the fate of their loved ones, since Israel does not provide information. 

Torture and ill-treatment

Israel Army officials recently said that 2,300 Palestinians from Gaza were detained during ground operations in the enclave, the report’s authors said, adding that the true number is likely much higher. above. Much evidence indicates that detainees are subjected to “forced nudity, sexual harassment, threats of rape,” beatings, hounding dogs, simulation&nbsp ;drowning and denial of food, sleep and access to the toilet and other cruel practices. According to the testimony of former prisoners and doctors who had access to the places detention, the purpose of such treatment is to obtain confessions and verify alleged members of Palestinian armed groups. Read also:

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