Russia vetoes a draft resolution to prevent a nuclear arms race in space

Россия наложила вето на проект резолюции по предотвращению гонки ядерных вооружений в космосе

UN Security Council. Russia vetoes a draft resolution to prevent a nuclear arms race in space Peace and security

On Wednesday, during a vote in the UN Security Council, Russia vetoed a draft resolution proposed by the United States and Japan to prevent a nuclear arms race in space. 13 countries supported this document, China abstained.

The draft resolution emphasized that the explosion of a nuclear weapon or the use of any other type of weapon of mass destruction in outer space could have serious consequences for the interests of all states.

The draft called not to develop nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction intended to be placed in orbit around the Earth, installed on celestial bodies or otherwise placed in outer space, and to actively promote the goal of the peaceful use of outer space and preventing an arms race in outer space.

According to the document, recognizing that the prevention of an arms race in outer space would eliminate a serious threat to international peace and security, the Security Council called upon all States, carrying out activities in the exploration and use of outer space, fully comply with international law, including the UN Charter.

China and Russia Amendment

Before By voting on the draft resolution, China and Russia submitted an amendment to the document. It proposed adding a paragraph to the text that called on all countries to “permanently prevent the placement of weapons in outer space and the use or threat of force in outer space.”

B The amendment also called for the need to work quickly to reach relevant legally binding multilateral agreements.

The amendment was not adopted because seven of the 15 countries voted against it and one country abstained: in order for the amendment to be adopted nine votes were needed in its support.

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