War in Ukraine: the UN condemned the attack on the Dnieper

Война в Украине: в ООН осудили удар по Днепру

UN Secretariat building in New York. War in Ukraine: the UN condemned the attack on the Dnieper Peace and Security

UN Resident Coordinator for Ukraine Denise Brown issued a statement on Friday strongly condemning “the strikes of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the city of Dnieper and other areas of the Dnieper region, which have brought new suffering to the people of Ukraine.”

According to Denise Brown, who works directly in Ukraine, the strikes took place early Friday morning, damaging homes and killing and injuring dozens of people.

“This happened just two days after the deadly strike on Chernigov,” Brown noted. “Again there are reports that children were among the dead.”

Humanitarian organizations in Dnieper, she said, are already working on the ground, helping the victims.

“These attacks are another example of gross disregard for human life,” Brown said. “International humanitarian law obliges [parties to an armed conflict] to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure.”


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