Memorandum on deepening cooperation: the UN will help restore the infrastructure of Kharkov

Меморандум об углублении сотрудничества: ООН поможет восстановить инфраструктуру Харькова

A school in Kharkov, destroyed by shelling. (archive, February 2024)) Memorandum on deepening cooperation: the UN will help restore the infrastructure of Kharkov Peace and Security

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Ukraine and the Kharkov City Council signed a Memorandum on deepening cooperation to restore the damaged infrastructure of the city and improve its energy efficiency.

The document was signed by the Mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov and the UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine Yako Silje. The agreement creates a framework for deepening cooperation between UNDP Ukraine and the city authorities of Kharkiv to implement joint projects aimed at immediate crisis response and recovery, and then sustainable, inclusive and green development.

The memorandum marks a significant step forward in the joint efforts of Kharkiv and UNDP to improve the city’s resilience and pave the way for development. Such cooperation includes support for the private sector, environmental protection, and assistance to internally displaced persons and socially vulnerable groups of the population.

The Parties undertake to work to ensure safe access to war-affected areas, improve energy efficiency and encourage the use of renewable energy sources.

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In addition, UNDP and the Kharkov authorities will jointly assess the damage caused by military operations, as well as develop programs to respond to emergency situations related to damage to infrastructure. The parties intend to attract funds for the implementation of programs in the energy sector and strengthen the city’s economy as a whole.

During the ceremony, the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov expressed gratitude to the UNDP for its assistance in clearing the rubble and dismantling the damaged buildings and restoration of housing for Kharkov residents. He emphasized the need to attract additional resources to stabilize the situation with the city’s power supply.

“Thank you for the work done,” Terekhov said. “You have seen how destroyed our housing and infrastructure are, and you probably understand that no city in the world could cope with this alone. […] In particular, after the recent attacks on power plants and substations in the region, it is especially important for us to normalize the operation of the energy system. And we already have joint experience in implementing similar projects, for example, when installing a solar power plant in one of the hospitals in Kharkov.”

The head of the UNDP representative office in Ukraine stated that the organization intends to continue to assist Kharkov in its efforts to restore energy supplies and damaged infrastructure. “We are looking for ways to help Kharkov with energy supplies,” Silje said. “This morning we had the opportunity to visit many residential buildings that were severely damaged or even completely destroyed. And we are committed to supporting the city in this emergency in the safest way possible, and then starting its reconstruction.”


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