The UN recalled the inviolability of diplomatic facilities

В ООН напомнили о неприкосновенности дипломатических объектов

Meeting of the UN Security Council. The UN recalled the inviolability of diplomatic facilities International Law

The inviolability of diplomatic and consular facilities and personnel must be respected in all cases in accordance with international law. This statement was made at the Security Council by Khaled Hiyari, assistant to the UN chief for the Middle East, commenting on the Israeli missile attack on the Iranian diplomatic building in Damascus, which killed at least five Iranian military personnel, including two generals. The Council meeting was convened at the initiative of Russia.

According to the latest media reports, the death toll has risen to 13: seven Iranian soldiers and six Syrian citizens. Hiyari recalled that the UN Secretary General condemned the attack.

The Assistant Secretary General noted that violence in Syria is not abating. Six foreign armies are operating on its territory, pushing back the peaceful resolution of the conflict further and further. The attacks on Iran-linked targets in Syria with the highest number of casualties have been attributed to Israel, especially since October 7, 2023, following the outbreak of the current conflict with Hamas. At least ten such attacks have been reported since the beginning of this year, Hiyari stressed.

“Although Israel has rarely claimed responsibility for any of these incidents, its officials have repeatedly acknowledged their military operations in Syria and gave reason to believe that such operations will be carried out more frequently in the future,” he said.

The Assistant Secretary General called on the Council to continue to actively engage all stakeholders to prevent further escalation and exacerbation of tensions that undermine regional peace and security.

He also reiterated the Secretary-General’s call for all parties to exercise utmost restraint.

“I also emphasize his consistent calls for all parties to comply with all their obligations under international law… and avoid attacks that could harm civilians and damage civilian infrastructure,” Hiyari said.

“Any miscalculation could lead to a wider conflict in an already unstable region with devastating consequences for civilians,” he added.


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