UN: in conditions of war, women have become the backbone of the Ukrainian economy

ООН: в условиях войны женщины превратились в опору украинской экономики

As part of one of the UNDP-supported initiatives, women’s teams are restoring and building houses in Ukraine. UN: in conditions of war, women have become the backbone of the Ukrainian economy Women

Girls and women in Ukraine are among those who suffer the most as a result of the war. Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion two years ago, 3,238 Ukrainian women have been killed and 4,872 injured. In 2024, more than eight million Ukrainian women will need humanitarian assistance.

Ukrainian women make up 56 percent of the roughly four million internally displaced people and more than half of those who will need humanitarian assistance this year. These data are presented today by UN Women.

“Against the backdrop of the tragic second anniversary of the war, women in Ukraine face a growing number of difficulties related to security, as well as access to justice, social assistance, mental health services, sexual and reproductive health and others,” reports UN Women.

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According to the UN, Ukrainian women make up 72 percent of those registered in country of the unemployed. In addition, the threat of gender-based violence, including conflict-related sexual violence, human trafficking and intimate partner violence, is on the rise.

At the same time, as experts note, in the current unprecedentedly difficult situation, women have become the pillar of the Ukrainian economy. They have created more than ten thousand new companies, 62 thousand women serve in the army, 43,479 of them are in active combat service and five thousand are fighting at the front.

“Given the suffering that befell the female population of Ukraine due to the war, Ukrainian women need support, security and, above all, peace,” noted a representative of UN Women ” in Ukraine Fraser Gunes. “They have shown tremendous resilience throughout this time. On behalf of UN Women, I express my solidarity with and admiration for every woman in Ukraine…”

In 2023, UN Women provided assistance to 45 thousand Ukrainian women and one hundred thousand people under their care. These projects included psychological, legal and social support. Assistance to women-led civil society organizations, skills development and capacity building services was also provided.


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