UN sounds alarm over renewed clashes in eastern DRC

ООН бьет тревогу в связи с возобновлением столкновений на востоке ДРК

There are currently approximately 6.7 million internally displaced people in the DRC. UN sounds alarm over renewed clashes in eastern DRC Peace and Security

Amid reports of escalating fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the UN peacekeeping mission in the country has called on M23 rebels to stop their offensive, a UN official said. The Security Council met on Tuesday on the crisis in the country.

The UN Mission (MONUSCO) called on M23 to respect the agreement signed in 2022 by Angola, the DRC and Rwanda to resolve the situation in the region.

Mission is currently implementing a three-phase process to withdraw troops from the country in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution, which provides for the transfer of responsibility to the government of the DRC at the end of this year.

Resource shortages

Fighting between government forces and M23, as well as indiscriminate bombing, is straining already limited resources to support populations forced to flee their homes.

At the same time, the consequences of the devastating flood continue to aggravate the situation, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported.

Around 100,000 homes, as well as 1,325 schools, 267 health facilities and extensive agricultural land were affected by the disaster, killing an estimated two million people – almost 60 percent of which are children in need of help.

Humanitarian situation

Humanitarian organizations and the DRC government have launched an appeal for $2.6 billion to provide life-saving aid and protection to more than 8 million people in the country.

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Escalating violence in eastern DRC leads to mass exodus

A new wave of violence, especially in the east of the country, is forcing the population to leave their homes. There are currently some 6.7 million internally displaced people in the DRC, who are also facing flooding and resurgence of measles and cholera epidemics.

It is estimated that nearly 25.4 million people will be food insecure this year and 8.4 million people will suffer from acute malnutrition. In addition, more than a million children are no longer in school due to the armed conflict.

Security Council

UN Special Representative for the Democratic Republic of Congo Bintu Keita, who also heads the mission in the country, addressed members of the Security Council on Tuesday. She expressed deep concern about serious violations of humanitarian law and international human rights law in areas under M23 control, where the group has targeted members of civil society, especially human rights defenders and journalists.

The UN mission continues to face disinformation campaigns about its role, she said. This leads to hostile actions against UN peacekeepers and restrictions on their movement.

Security support

Meanwhile, UN peacekeepers continues to support the DRC army by protecting main roads leading to key cities in North Kivu province in the east of the country, where fighting has resumed. Last weekend, Mission representatives met with the coordinator of the Congolese armed forces in North Kivu to agree on joint action to protect the cities of Sake and Goma.

The UN reports that due to the deteriorating situation with security near Sake and Goma, the Mission is bringing in peacekeepers from its Intervention Brigade, which is based in Beni in the north of the province.

MONUSCO personnel also continue to facilitate the evacuation of civilians, fleeing the fighting to safer areas, including the Kitchanga base, where about 25 thousand civilians are taking refuge.


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