Top news of the day | Tuesday: Security Council, Ukraine, Gaza, DRC

Главные новости дня | вторник: Совбез, Украина, Газа, ДРК

A two-year-old girl from Gaza is being tested for malnutrition. Top news of the day | Tuesday: Security Council, Ukraine, Gaza, DRC UN

The main news of the day in the UN and in the world: the Security Council did not adopt a resolution on the situation in Gaza, millions of refugees from Ukraine need support, WFP suspended humanitarian activities in northern Gaza, escalation of the conflict in the DRC.

Security Council on Gaza

In a Security Council vote on Tuesday, the United States vetoed a draft Gaza resolution proposed by Algeria calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The document was supported by 13 out of 15 members of the Security Council, Great Britain abstained. According to the US position, the Algerian draft resolution will not lead to lasting peace, but will only prolong the hostages in captivity and the humanitarian crisis in the sector. The United States is preparing its draft resolution on Gaza.

Ukrainian refugees

According to the results of a study by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the majority of Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons surveyed expressed a desire to return home. Survey participants named the unstable situation in Ukraine as the main factor preventing their return. Their concerns also included a lack of economic opportunity and housing. UNHCR is calling on the international community to contribute $993.3 million, of which $599 million will go towards helping refugees in host countries.

Famine in northern Gaza

UN World Food Program (WFP ) stated that it was forced to suspend food supplies to northern Gaza until safe conditions were created there. The program remains committed to its mission, but the safety of both staff and recipients of humanitarian assistance is a priority, WFP commented. In December, the UN and its partners warned of the risk of mass famine in the north of the enclave, which could occur there in the coming months. Children, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth are especially at risk. One in six children in Gaza suffers from acute malnutrition.

Crisis in the DRC

Amid renewed fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the UN peacekeeping mission in the country called on the M23 rebels to stop their offensive. UN peacekeepers continue to provide support to the DRC army. This was reported by a UN official. He said the fighting and indiscriminate bombing are straining the already limited resources needed to help civilians. In addition, the situation is aggravated by the consequences of large-scale flooding. The crisis in the DRC was discussed on Tuesday at the UN Security Council.


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