The Security Council did not adopt the resolution proposed by Algeria on Gaza due to the US veto

Совбез не принял предложенную Алжиром резолюцию по Газе из-за вето США

Meeting of the UN Security Council. The Security Council did not adopt the resolution proposed by Algeria on Gaza due to the US veto Peace and Security

In a Security Council vote on Tuesday, the United States vetoed a draft Gaza resolution proposed by Algeria calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The document was supported by 13 out of 15 members of the Security Council, Great Britain abstained.

US Position

Explaining the US position, the country’s ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said the United States is now working to reach agreements on the release of Israeli hostages, which could bring lasting peace to the Middle East.

“Sometimes tough diplomacy takes longer than any of us would like,” Thomas-Greenfield said. “Any action the Council takes should help, not hinder, these complex ongoing negotiations,” she added.

According to the US position, the Algerian draft resolution will not lead to lasting peace, but will only prolong the hostages’ captivity and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

To date, the Security Council has held more than 10 meetings on the war in Gaza, including an open debate at the end of January, at which more than 70 UN member states expressed serious concerns about humanitarian disaster in the sector.

Project prepared by Algeria

Presenting his country’s resolution, Algeria’s Ambassador to the UN, Amar Benjama, stressed that the document was the result of lengthy discussions.

According to him, the Security Council “cannot afford to be passive” in the face of what is happening in Gaza. Following its mandate, the Security Council, he stressed, must demand an immediate ceasefire.

“Almost a month after the ruling of the International Court of Justice, there are still no signs of hope for an improvement in the situation in Gaza . Silence is not an acceptable option. It’s time for action and time for truth,” said Amar Benjama.

The draft resolution introduced by Algeria asked the Security Council to again demand that all parties strictly comply with their obligations under international law regarding the protection of civilians, and also condemn the “forced transfer of Palestinian civilians in violation of international law” and demand the immediate release of all hostages.

Alternative draft resolution proposed by the United States

Linda Thomas-Greenfield reported that the United States is proposing an alternative resolution that would promote a temporary ceasefire based on the formula for the release of all hostages.

If the US draft is accepted, it will be the first time the Security Council has condemned Hamas attacks and also called against any forced displacement of Gazans and the continuation of a large-scale ground offensive in the enclave.

The draft also contains the American vision for a two-state solution and support for ongoing negotiations, Thomas-Greenfield said. The document will lay the foundation for peace in the region, she emphasized.

UK calls for ‘immediate cessation’ of hostilities

British Ambassador Barbara Woodward, who abstained from voting, called for an “immediate cessation of hostilities” that could lead to a permanent, lasting regime ceasefire. She added that Palestinian civilians were facing a “devastating humanitarian crisis.”

She said that Hamas should no longer rule Gaza and that the Strip as well as the West Bank a new government must be created. Woodward also called for the creation of a “political horizon” across which the path to a two-state solution lies.

“Simply calling for a ceasefire, as in this resolution [the resolution proposed by Algeria – editor’s note], will not achieve that,” Woodward said. To stop the fighting, all hostages must be released, she added.

Russia: “License to Kill”

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation Vasily Nebenzya accused the United States that its actions give Israel “a de facto license to kill” Palestinians under the pretext of “creating conditions for a cessation of hostilities.” According to him, Washington continues to provide international protection to the authorities of West Jerusalem and their impunity for numerous crimes against the residents of Gaza.

Nebenzia noted that Algerian representatives “organized the negotiation process in good faith” and consulted with all delegations, trying to take into account their comments as much as possible. However, according to him, “this time the US delegation actually set an ultimatum from the very beginning, demanding that work on the document be stopped.”

“Today, essentially, credibility is at stake UN Security Council. I call on the members of the Security Council to demonstrate solidarity in confronting the arbitrariness of Washington, which is ready to make any sacrifices in any region to realize its geopolitical ambitions,” said the representative of the Russian Federation.

China: veto US sends the wrong signal

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said the US use of the veto sends the wrong signal, pushing the Gaza Strip into further crisis at a time when Palestinians are struggling to survive.

In his opinion, US claims that the Algerian draft resolution jeopardizes ongoing negotiations are completely unfounded. Meanwhile, the violence is destabilizing the entire region, and the Council must act quickly, he said.

The representative of China recalled that the Security Council must maintain international order and demand a ceasefire – in accordance with its legal responsibilities. The council should not cease its work because of a veto, he said, calling on the international community to give the Palestinians a chance to live and ensure justice.

Palestine: “Disastrous consequences of inaction”

Ambassador and Permanent Observer for the State of Palestine Riyad Mansour said Israel is continuing its offensive despite “virtually unanimous” calls from the international community for a ceasefire.

He recalled the provisional measures of the International Court of Justice, which ordered Israel to prevent acts of genocide and incitement in Gaza, and to ensure humanitarian access to the population of the strip, which, according to him, is constantly under threat of death, hunger and forced displacement.

“It has been almost three weeks since I last addressed the Council following the Court’s ruling, calling for action to ensure the implementation of temporary measures and a ceasefire that would protect the Palestinian people and would have prevented the further destruction of his life by the Israeli invasion,” he said.

“But our calls, unfortunately, came to nothing,” the Palestinian representative continued. Almost 4,000 Palestinian children, women and men have been killed in the last 20 days alone, he said. “These are the disastrous consequences of inaction,” he stated.

Israel is against a ceasefire under existing conditions

Ambassador Israel’s Gilad Erdan noted that the Security Council has repeatedly discussed the same topic – a ceasefire. A temporary truce under current conditions, he said, would be a “death sentence” for both Israelis and Gazans.

Hamas will continue to “shed the blood of innocent people,” an Israeli diplomat said, adding that the  International Court had rightly rejected South Africa’s attempt to force a ceasefire.

According to Gilad Erdan, a ceasefire is the epitome of “kicking an empty can in the road” diplomacy, and such an approach will only give immunity to “child killers and rapists”, allowing Hamas to regroup and rearm.


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