Mass grave in Libya: UN calls for greater regional cooperation to protect migrants

Массовое захоронение в Ливии: в ООН призывают расширить региональное сотрудничество для защиты мигрантов

Rescue operation off the coast of Libya. (Archive) Mass grave in Libya: UN calls for greater regional cooperation to protect migrants Refugees and migrants

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is shocked by reports that the bodies of at least 65 migrants have been found in a mass grave in southwestern Libya. The circumstances of their death and nationality remain unknown, but they are believed to have died as smugglers led them through the desert.

This tragedy highlights the urgent need to address problems associated with illegal migration, including through a coordinated response to the smuggling of migrants and human trafficking, the IOM emphasizes. If opportunities for legal migration are not provided, similar tragedies will continue to occur along this route, the organization believes.

Libyan authorities are investigating the incident. IOM encourages them to cooperate with UN agencies to identify and transfer the remains of deceased migrants, and reminds them to properly notify their families.

According to the project ” Missing Migrants,” at least 3,129 deaths and disappearances were recorded along the Mediterranean route in 2023. It is on this route that the highest number of deaths is recorded.

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IOM in Libya is working to provide humanitarian assistance to all people in need and support Conducting search and rescue operations in the desert in accordance with international law. Such operations should focus on protecting and assisting vulnerable groups.

IOM calls on authorities along the Mediterranean route to enhance regional cooperation to ensure the safety and protection of migrants, regardless from their status and at all stages of their journey.


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