Ukraine donated more than 7 thousand tons of wheat to Sudan

Украина пожертвовала более 7 тысяч тонн пшеницы Судану

Emergency food aid from Ukraine was delivered to Sudan. Ukraine donated more than 7 thousand tons of wheat to Sudan Humanitarian aid

Ukraine, itself torn by war, has donated more than 7 thousand tons of wheat to the people of Sudan, where armed conflict has been ongoing since April 2023. The volume of grain provided will be enough to feed about a million Sudanese for a month. This was reported on Wednesday from the UN World Food Program (WFP).

The wheat was donated to Sudan as part of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Grain from Ukraine humanitarian initiative and will be distributed by the WFP as emergency food aid.

WFP has mobilized to urgently provide humanitarian support to Sudanese families. As the fighting continues into its 10th month, residents of the country are facing hunger, and the situation continues to worsen.

Act Now

“The humanitarian situation in Sudan is catastrophic and we must act now to prevent it from spiraling out of control,” said WFP Sudan chief Eddie Rowe.

He added that Program staff are “working at an accelerated pace to get food assistance into the hands of families in need as quickly as possible.”

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Wheat flour totaling 7,600 tons will be provided to the Sudanese, many of whom have fled their homes due to the fighting and are struggling to provide for themselves some kind of food.

This initiative was carried out with the support of Germany, which paid the costs of 15 million euros, including the cost of transporting wheat from Ukraine to Sudan, as well as its distribution within the country.

Critical moment

Украина пожертвовала более 7 тысяч тонн пшеницы Судану

Humanitarian aid arrives ahead of the May lean season, when food tends to be scarce and hunger and conflict worsen.

“This donation will allow WFP to support people whose lives have been completely destroyed by war,” Rowe said, thanking Ukraine and Germany for supporting the Sudanese people during a difficult time.

Needs Rising

WFP warns of looming catastrophic famine as Sudan’s lean season approaches. Currently, nearly 18 million people face acute food insecurity, of whom nearly five million are at critical levels of hunger.

WFP has provided support to approximately seven million people since the conflict began last April, but the population’s needs continue to grow.


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