UN human rights chief: All sides in Gaza conflict may be guilty of war crimes

Главный правозащитник ООН: все стороны конфликта в Газе могут быть виновны в военных преступлениях

A child on a destroyed street in Gaza. UN human rights chief: All sides in Gaza conflict may be guilty of war crimes Peace and Security

All parties to the Gaza conflict violated international humanitarian law and likely committed war crimes. This was reported by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk.

On Wednesday, the Human Rights Council is hearing a new report from the Office entrusted to Turku (OHCHR) on the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory. In it, Turk reiterated his condemnation of the Hamas-led massacre in Israel on October 7, which killed approximately 1,200 people, and called for the immediate release of all Israeli hostages.

Violations of international law

At the same time, the High Commissioner noted that Israel’s massive military response has caused a severe humanitarian crisis and the “unprecedented destruction and suffering” experienced by Gazans. In particular, the population of the sector is threatened by mass starvation.

“Clear violations of international humanitarian law, including possible war crimes, were committed by all parties,” the OHCHR report said. The document calls for further investigation to identify those responsible and overcome the situation of “entrenched impunity.”

Humane treatment

B The report by the UN’s top human rights lawyer called on Palestinian armed groups in Gaza to “ensure that all hostages are treated humanely and are immediately released.” In addition, Turk called on Israel to stop indiscriminate shelling and remove militants from buildings used by civilians.

The High Commissioner also called on Israel to “immediately stop all practices of collective punishment.” , including the blockade, and urgently ensure access – to the extent necessary for the population in need – to humanitarian aid, commercial goods and services throughout the enclave.

In addition, Türk appealed calling on the Israeli military to facilitate the return of all Palestinians who were forced to flee their homes as a result of military action, as well as to respect international humanitarian law. This requires stopping the use of explosive weapons “with a large area of ​​destruction” in populated areas. The report also states that hospitals and other civilian infrastructure that people need to survive must be protected.

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